Rover Adventures was founded by South African, Anthony Ward, a travel enthusiast who commits all his time into sharing his passions for Africa and adventure with fellow travel fanatics. He has also successfully completed the SATSA tour operating training to insure all travel specifications are met well on a Rover Adventure. 

Rover Adventures prefers smaller groups to allow for more flexibility and one on one interaction between your fellow Rover explorers and Rover Adventure guides. The Rover travel coach is equipped with air-conditioning, daily beverages and lockers to ensure the safety of your goods whilst travelling to destinations. The daily schedules of each Rover Adventure are structured in a time-efficient manner to assign sufficient time to travellers outside the scope of the prescribed itinerary. Rover Adventures operates youth adventure tours and is suited for travelers between the ages of 18 to 35.

Rover Adventures provides a unique travel experience in that every tour is designed to explore the areas of Africa that are not commonly visited. In this way, Rover travellers get to indulge in the sights of the true majesty of Africa. A Rover adventure is also aimed at involving our travellers by providing opportunities to partake in certain African traditions. With Rover, you are guaranteed a taste of the true African rainbow culture by participation in local interaction. These traditions include among many, traditional foods, local festivals, Africa’s wildlife, water rafting, base jumping, Koi San rock paintings, adventure caving, Quad biking, house trails and many more. Rover Adventures will essentially leave every Rover traveller with an irreplaceable piece of Africa.  



Rover traveller’s will be assigned one Rover tour guide and one Rover driver. The Rover crew are exceptionally well trained and are easily approachable. All Rover tour guides have a general first aid qualification as well as first aid kits in the case of an emergency. The ultimate goal for the Rover crew is to ensure that all Rover travellers are constantly well informed, safe and most importantly, having fun well traveling through Africa! The Rover family aims not only to provide you with a once in a life time African experience, but also ensures that long-lasting friendships and memories are made. The Rover Family will soon feel like part of your own family as we uncover the splendour of Africa together.